4th Annual Potluck Christmas Party

Group Playing

We were all very festive last Tuesday night, as we gathered for yet another of our Potluck Christmas parties. Since Peter and Dennis started the group meets in January of 2011 we have been fortunate enough to have a potluck Christmas party every year. Everyone seems to bring enough food to feed an army: chilli, casseroles, home-made baked bread, crescents with bacon!!, sweet potatoes, salads, veggies, and an equally big table full of just desserts, including another ukulele cake and a home-made minced meat pie by Peter. There were also ukulele cookies, which I think Lisa brought, and lots of goodies like squares, cupcakes, cookies, and a strawberry fruit pie. Many thanks are due to all the good cooks, and to Jenny, Bill, Ian, Rick, Daniel, Gerrie and others who helped Peter get tables and chairs down from the stage, and grouping the them. Much appreciation to those who showed up early to help with this as it is no easy chore (I’m sorry I haven’t everyone’s name in there).

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We generally play Christmas songs after the meal and players have the chance to perform songs solo or in pairs, etc. Every one had a fun night as we played some of our Christmas set list songs, and a few new ones that Peter brought for us, such as It’s a Marshmallow World. Lisa and daughter Maggie sang 3 songs for us from the Frozen movie sound track, and it was really cute and entertaining. Maggie was dressed up as Anna as seen in the movie while her little brother Atticus was dressed like the Olaf character. (As you may have noticed by now, we totally LOVE dressing up on theme song nights!)

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Also, Cat goes around giving every one who attended a numbered ticket for door prizes! (Cat’s favorite thing! LOL) For the past 3 years we have used the money awarded to us from the Port Dover Board of Trade for participating in the Port Dover Santa Claus Parade held in November. This year the door prizes were $10 gift certificates for businesses and eateries in Port Dover: The Erie Beach Hotel, Knechtel’s, The Norfolk Tavern, Len’s Mill Store, and one for $20 from Dover Paint and Paper. Peter’s helpers for drawing the tickets were grandkids Maggie and Atticus.

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That’s a wrap for us for ukulele nights at the church. We have one more performance night at the Norfolk General Nursing Home on December 11th. After that we will start up again on Tuesday, January 13th in the new year.

Aloha and mahalo!


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Potluck Christmas Party 4



4 ~ $10 Gift Certificates for the Norfolk Tavern

2 ~ $10 Gift Certificates for the Erie Beach Hotel

1 ~ $20 Gift Certificate from Dover Paint & Paper

2 ~ $10 Gift Certificates for Knechtel’s – good at any location (Fisherman’s Catch, Knechtel’s on the Beach, etc.)

2 ~ $10 Gift Certificates for Len’s Mill Store – good at any location


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ELVIS Was In The Building!

Elvis Night banner

Aloha! Well, Elvis sure was a nice guy and put in an appearance with us at the Grace UC hall on Tuesday, November 25th. We all had a blast posing with the King and singing songs with him. Our special guest was Elvis impersonator Skeet Deschaine of Simcoe, Ontario.

We played through a great repetoire of Elvis songs, including Blue Christmas, Are You Lonesome Tonight, Good Luck Charm, Return to Sender, All Shook Up, Hound Dog, Jailhouse Rock, I Can’t Help Falling in Love With You, White Christmas, and Love Me Tender. Elvis also gave out scarves and teddy bears to tender fans!

We also had a number of solo songs performed by DUH members and, of course, we can always count on Audrey for a joke and a song! That being a true statement, however, I wonder if she might be a little tiny bit of a bad influence on some of the other DUH members – judging by that underwear joke that Evelyn told us (at the mic!) following Audrey’s performance! Just kidding Audrey – you know we love you, jokes ‘n’ all!!! Besides, Skeet’s joke was probably the most notorious one to ever have been uttered in the hall of the Grace United Church…..! (So Audrey and Evelyn are both off the hook!)

There really are a lot of pictures to post (50!), mostly because the lighting was low and my camera wanted to hold the lense open longer, plus the subjects kept moving and grooving to the music – or plain just laughing! Elvis was also very shiny, even though he was wearing black, which caused some of his shots to come out slightly blurred – but it’s just his bling that is causing that! Also some of our DUH members were sporting “the sideburns”, so I tried to get as many people in as possible, and at the end of the night we enjoyed posing for a group shot with the King!

Enjoy the slide show :-)


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More Santa Claus Parade Pics

Aloha! More pics come in every day and I just want to let anyone else know who still has pics of the parade and float, not to be shy! Email them all over to us! LOL

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Santa Claus Parade a Winner Every Year

Parade Route 1

Every year the Port Dover Board of Trade organizes the Port Dover Santa Claus Parade. Santa arrives down at the pier by tugboat, and rides in the parade in a sleigh on a float, usually drawn by horses. There is the famed Santa Moose, the United Drum and Bugle Corps, the Gentlemen of Harmony, Port Dover Scouting, Llamas!, Len’s Mill Store among others, and lots of parade walkers dressed as presents and elves. Oh, yeah and there’s us! The Dover Uke Heads. For four years in a row we have participated, singing such children’s fave’s as Jingle Bells, Here Comes Santa Claus and Rudolph. We always have a blast.

This year we have a whole lot of people to thank:

A big thank you to Ken Young for providing us with his float, and also the use of his truck to tow it.

Thanks to Mike Shebib for picking up the bench, transporting it out to Ken’s and installing it on the float, and then taking it off and returning it. Mike also drove Ken’s truck to tow us on the float during the parade. Job well done, Mike!

We also have to thank Gerrie Randall for meeting Peter and Bill down at the pier with the float at 10 a.m. and acting as the Decorating Director. She is trying to pass the torch on for next year, so please let us know if anyone reading this is willing to take a turn directing decorating next year. At any rate, thanks for all your help, Gerrie!

Thank you to the Port Dover Board of Trade for awarding us $100 Dover Dollars for Best Club in the parade! Yay!

Thanks also to Jan Overend for allowing us to use her bench on our float. It really helped a lot!

Thanks also to Ian Evans for providing chairs and cutting music blocks for us to pin songs to!

Thank you, Ron Abbey, for making “cheat sheet” stickers of the chord changes for players to put on their ukes or their pant legs.

And a big special thank you goes out to Lydia Harrison, who had the kindness of foresight to bring two big party cartons of Tim Horton’s coffee, complete with sugars, creamers, milks, cups and stir sticks. It was a bitter wind down there at a temperature of 1 degree C, and even though it was sunny, it was still cold! So a nice hot cup of coffee in our hands was much appreciated!

I really do have to thank everyone who brought their decorations for the float, and those who showed up to staple and climb up ladders. Also many people showed up to sit on the float from noon to 1 before the parade started, and this is a very important time because that is when the parade marshall puts us into the line-up and when the judges come by to judge us. The judges came by 3 separate times before awarding us a prize, and during all of that time we had to make sure our microphones and speakers were working and that everyone could hear the lead singers and Peter. We have to play our songs all during that time, too, even though we are not parading yet. And it was cold and windy, and my feet were not warm enough, and many of us had cold, stiff fingers while playing. This year we had 24 people on the float, plus Lisa and Mike in the truck.

Peter and I want to thank everyone who came out for the parade, those who helped and those who helped to make the float possible. We had a great time then and a little bit of a visit back at the Norfolk Tavern afterwards, and we are looking forward to doing to all again next year.

Enjoy the slide show.

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Songs for Santa Claus Parade Tomorrow

It’s that time of year again! Time to play Christmas songs in the Port Dover Santa Claus Parade on Saturday, November 15th!

Christmas parade 2013 dover uke heads 012

We have a few reminders for everyone who wants to join in on the float in the parade.

Don’t worry if you haven’t been out lately on Tuesday nights: THE MORE THE MERRIER!!!! No need to worry if you don’t have the songs, or haven’t been out to practice on Tuesday nights. They will be posted in small form at strategic spots all over the float. ( Besides, we usually head over to the Norfolk Tavern afterwards for some warm food, to warm up and have a cuppa cheer.)

Peter and I have talked over what will be involved for decorating the float tomorrow and below is a short list.
Anyone who can come out to help put up garland, etc, should try to meet us at 10 a.m. across from Willie’s on St. George St. near the pier. There is a big beach parking lot right there, they call it the Knechtel’s parking lot.
If you can’t help dec, that’s fine, just turn out with your uke any time before 12 noon. We will be getting lined up in the parade at that time and also that is when judging takes place.
Parade starts a few minutes after 1 p.m. after Santa arrives at the pier by tugboat.
*Authorities will be closing the streets after 12 noon, so you want to be in town and parked before that.
What to bring and/or suggestions:
    – DRESS WARMLY – the winds have been known to chill you to the bone in past years
    – Gloves/Mitts – those who have worn fingerless gloves in the past say they worked really well.
    – Christmassy outfits – bring Santa hats, or reindeer antlers, etc.
      – blanket to sit on
     – staple gun, staples
     – tacks, hooks, anything that might help put up bows and santa stockings
     – wiring? Anything that could help with attaching decorations and hanging the long yellow signs along the side or up above from the wood frame.
    – other tools, like pliers (for removing staples afterwards), hammers, etc.
     – any decorations you can spare
Last year we had green and red balloons, a big red wreath, some evergreen branches at the back, a lawn reindeer, wrapped packages and gift bags, lots of garland and Peter had these big red bows that he bought the year before.
Don’t worry about bringing chairs or stools.
Peter and Bill are going to borrow the bench from the Board of Trade again, and Ian is going to bring stable chairs. We don’t want to risk anyone tipping over during the route.
Our float director this year will be Gerrie. She will be able to direct you for decorating, climbing up ladders and to the public washrooms! Ha ha!
And lastly, bring some good cheer! It’s always a lot of fun doing this parade – you don’t want to miss it!


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Pictures From Jenny

Hi Gang, here are a few more good ones from the DUH Halloween party, this time from Uke Head Jenny!

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More Hallowe’en Party Photos

Aloha everyone! These were sent to me from Gerrie. You know, the Ninja Witch? Apparently Ninja Witches are quite common in this area. ;-)

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Happy Halloween Party

Group 2

We just celebrated our 4th Halloween together since starting the uke group in 2011. We had an excellent turn-out, and as usual, we had a great assortment of potluck snacks, from graveyard cupcakes to shortbread witches fingers.

Famous ghouls who made an appearance included: Joan as “the ghost of” Bob Marley, the Blues Brothers (Yvonne and Earl), Mary Poppins and the chimney sweep (Mandy and Ian), the Grim Reaper (aka Grim Ron Abbey), and Seargent Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Band leader (Peter).

We also saw a gruesome “horney” seaman, a ninja witch (yes, a “ninja witch”), a couple of ladies sporting New Orleans masks, a couple of witches, a ghost rider or bandito , and one ogre.

Thank you also to pics sent in from Gerrie and Evelyn. Enjoy the slide show!

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Family Fun Night at Norfolk General Nursing Home

NGH Facebook

Dover Uke Heads entertained residents at the Norfolk General Nursing Home on Thursday, October 23rd as part of their Family Fun Night. What a riot! The residents dressed up and sported costumes, wigs, illuminated glasses and big happy smiles!

On Family Fun Night at the nursing home, residents’s family members come in and bring special treats (such as beer). Both Sandy and Audrey solo’d, both Rick and Ian were on U-basses, and Peter lead the group with his special blend of song introduction jokes. Peter did a song with Evelyn who sang Waltz Across Texas. A number of the residents got up and danced. They were all, including their family members, a lively bunch. The lady who heads up the entertainment told us we were different from most groups: we were a lot of fun! Peter also made a reference to Mandy actually working at NGH as the head of food services, since we were having a party you would think she could have pulled some strings to get us a tray of green jello. The patients liked that! They also liked it when Peter told them if they could bust out some Tuesday night and come on up to Grace United church and join us.

A great time was had by all, uke players and residents alike, and Peter and the group are saying this was the best outing EVER!

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