January to Spring to July

In order to chronicle the events experienced by our ukulele group, I will be posting these updates specifically to this category, 2011 Events.

Early on in our meet ups, Peter kept chosing one Tuesday night per month for a “theme night” for people to perform songs in an open mic style. Some of our theme nights were Country music, Folk Songs, Rock and Roll or 50’s Night. We learned a lot and started getting used to sharing. Sharing music we found by bringing 20 or 30 copies with us, sharing our music stands, extra ukulele’s, hats, lots of laughs and good company!

By the time spring had arrived we moved outdoors to enjoy the nicer weather in the gazebo in Powell Park across the street. I then approached Our Fearless Leader, Peter, to step up the process of chosing a name for us. I guess the squeaky wheel gets the grease because that became my job (Cat) !!!!!!

Well, everyone in our group must be very creative because I ended up with a list of over 20 name suggestions for our group to choose from. Voting by email and in person, we finally settled on DUH, standing for Dover Uke Heads. Yippee, I could now go order t-shirts with a name on them!

First off we decided that we needed to throw a Luau in July (or as close as possible to one since not a-one of us was interested in roasting an actual pig!).  And our hats are off to Jenny Gedye for hosting the party for us and our families on her shady property in Fisher’s Glenn. Peter also had invited a guest player from St. Catharine’s, a gentleman named George Rout who played a Hawaiian guitar. It was a very memorable event.

Also in July, the group appeared in Port Ryerse at the Church Bell Tower fundraiser, and played their little hearts out.

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