Outing to Parkview Was Entertaining For All

Our Tuesday night outing to Parkview Centre in Townsend turned out to be very entertaining not only for the residents there, but for us as well!!

We had a great turn-out for our group: about 18 members.  Uke Head Gord arrived late as he got lost in the maze of driveways in the sprawling complex.  We brought some shakers, bongos, and spoons, and I brought a big sign from November’s parade float. It’s a good thing Lynn brought a tambourine because the lady who got it kept time for us the whole time.

We played in the centre’s huge dining hall, and the place was packed with residents and staff (over 50!). They sang along with most of our songs, and clapped and made noise. We were having a lot of  fun and acting up, which is important because it gave our audience permission to relax and have fun, too. We didn’t want them to just watch us play some songs for them, we wanted them to participate, too, and I think we achieved that pretty well. We had a little visit with Fraser McClung, formerly of McClung Nurseries fame, and afterwards we enjoyed a quick coffee-tea break in their snack room. Emily, the centre’s activity co-ordinator, invited us to come back for a repeat performance which I hope all Uke Heads can be excited about!

I’d like to announce that we have some hidden talents in our group. During our last song, our gospel version of I Saw the Light, Uke Head Stewart stood up and gave a moving harmonica solo for a verse.  All I can say is “Wow”, and


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