“Kanikapila” Means Jam Session, Hawaiian-way

Last Tuesday night Uke Head Gord gave me his copy of The Mighty Uke and announced to the group that anyone interested can borrow it. I watched it Wednesday night and Thursday during the day. As some of you get the chance to view it, or maybe already have seen it, certain parts might have an impact on you. At the very least you will be entertained!

One part of the movie that had an impact on me was about “kanikapila” (kahnee ka-PEE-lah). I found it really interesting because recently while reading The Ukuele Entertainer Ralph Shaw talks about it, too. Basically, it means “jam session” in the Hawaiian way.

Everyone knows the Hawaiian people believe in sharing, giving and “Aloha”, love. For them, a jam session takes place at a family gathering that generally involves potluck food, visiting and activities or games, and at some point every one wants to participate in singing songs and playing music. In the movie, they talked about sitting in a circle and each person has a turn at either requesting a song or performing a song for the group. You don’t even have to play an instrument because they value singing just as much. This notion is also applied to social community gatherings as well. I’m hoping that during our Summer Luau this year we can try forming our own kanikapila, as well as playing through lots of songs in our binders and books.

More information available at the following links:

I guess they hold a big one annually at Waimanalo Park in Hawaii  http://www.alohaupdate.com/2010/08/03/gabby-pahinui-waimanalo-kanikapila-at-the-waimanalo-park-pavilion/

Check out this family with all their ukes at The Pacific Music Foundation http://www.pmfhawaii.com/?p=17

The Hawaiian Cultural Centre regularly hosts Kanikapila events http://www.hawaiianculturalcenter.org/events2.html

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