Being Honoured by SNAP Haldimand-Norfolk

On April 2, when most of us got our first look at the April 2012 issue of SNAP Haldimand-Norfolk monthly newspaper, we were surprised to see some familiar faces on the cover! Two weeks earlier, Dan Wiest of SNAP had visited us on a Tuesday night and took umpteen photos of our group for his newspaper. Little did we know that would also include being featured on the front page! What an honour!

Although we have been in several other media publications, we have never been on the front page or cover! I posted it to Facebook right away and commented that I was both “humbled and worried”!  SNAP claims they put their free publication in over 400 store locations across Haldimand and Norfolk. That’s a lot of people and the uke craze really seems to be growing in leaps and bounds! For full det’s:[]=372863

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One thought on “Being Honoured by SNAP Haldimand-Norfolk

  1. Cat, thanks so much for posting this! My apologies that it took me so long to find it. I was having such a good time with you all the night I joined you at your rehearsal, that I knew I had a potential cover photo in the works. And you were up against some tough competition that month. But I put you on my cover! As for the 400 location? For sure – SNAP Haldimand-Norfolk is available for free through 400+ fine retailers, and you can see a complete list by address at: In addition to our “print” edition, we also have more followers on Facebook than all of the “print” publications around. By far. So it doesn’t surprise me that I was able to get so many new Dover Uke Heads to come out of the woodwork by featuring you. You guys have been the best, and I look forward to seeing more lots of you. In fact, I already have 😉 Dan Wiest, Publisher & Owner, SNAP Haldimand-Norfolk

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