A Gorgeous Day For a Parade

Peter and grand-daughter Maggie leading off the Butterfly parade in front of the Education centre at Backus Mill

On the second beautiful day of the weekend, Uke Heads were out at Backus Heritage Conservation Area, on the outskirts of Port Rowan. This time we were playing for the families participating in the 3rd Annual Butterfly and Dragonfly Festival. At noon we played some children’s songs, such as Skinnamarink, How Much is that Doggie in the Window, and You Are My Sunshine, as we lead the Butterfly parade down to the field below the Education Centre. We followed that with an impromptu version of Chubby Checker’s Let’s Twist Again – requested by Peter’s grand-daughter Maggie!

“butterfly best friends”

Great butterfly on Jim-Bob’s hat!

Organizer Deb Solymar was a gracious host, providing us with a nice shady spot to set up, some extra chairs, a power extension cord, and a beautiful card expressing sentiments of thanks and appreciation to our group for volunteering to perform. She also generously provided a lunch for us. Since this event was for the children and their families it was greatly enjoyed by all of us who attended.

Deb Solymar

Backus Mill is a personal favorite of mine. I enjoyed recounting to my 2 daughters my childhood tales of adventure there. When I was old enough to be allowed to bike ride around town, I had many summer outings gathering up as many friends as possible in Port Rowan to bicycle en mass out to the Mill for a day of swimming in the pond, walking the trails and catching frogs and tadpoles. Back then there was no inground swimming pool so everybody swam in the pond, which was clear and cool. In my later years, I took courses in basket-weaving, pottery and loom weaving with my elder sister. One of my childhood friends also got married in the same field that the butterfly parade was in, and she arrived by horse-drawn carriage. It was great to see families forging some of the same kinds of wonderful memories of Backus that I have. (Cat Krestel Porritt)

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One thought on “A Gorgeous Day For a Parade

  1. wally

    great parade, bravo to you all

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