Ralph Shaw Coming to Port Dover September 28

Ukulele entertainer and teacher Ralph Shaw of Vancouver, BC is coming to Ontario in September. He is slated to tour Ontario from September 19th to 29th.  He will be with our buddy, Manitoba Hal (Brolund) for the Dockstreet Uke Camp in Shelbourne, Nova Scotia September 14-16, after which he will be coming to Ontario, starting in the Ottawa area.

For a complete list of concert dates and locations, please visit his website at www.ralphshaw.ca .

Via friendly exchange of emails, Cat managed to grab Ralph right after he completes 2 nights in Toronto with the Corktown group. He will be coming to Port Dover on Friday, September 28th. He has put together a great workshop for the Dover Uke Heads to be held at the Robot Cafe in the early evening, starting at 6 pm for about an hour and a half. Tickets are going to be $15 and will be available from Peter and Cat. There will be door prizes again, but of course Ralph will have all of his CD’s and DVD’s available for purchase with him.

Ralph will also regale us with a concert at 8:30 pm and tickets for that will be $10. We will be holding this at the Robot, and tickets are limited to 20, so email Cat or Peter to reserve your tickets. They will be available Tuesday, September 11th when we return to the Robot Cafe, 7pm.

Ralph Shaw has produced some really great ukulele instructional DVD’s, the best known of which is the Complete Ukulele Course. He also has several CD’s: By George, Table For Two, King of the Ukulele and Birds of a Feather, all of which are available at his site. You can get his DVD’s through Amazon.com if you prefer to do it that way. Recently he published a book called the Ukulele Entertainer. The byline is “Powerful Pointers for Players and Performers.” (I bought it. It is dog-eared, written in, underlined, high-lighted, page-folded, bursting with yellow post-its and generally beloved by me.)

He teaches workshops regularly in Vancouver and is scheduled for the Langley Ukulele Workshops – Vivo! in October. He has also played at many festivals. He was at the Ukulele Ceilidh in Nova Scotia in 2009 and the Portland Uke Fest.

He also writes a blog regularly at www.theukuleleentertainer.blogspot.com so check it out.

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