Waterford Old Town Hall and Fred’s Charity Picnic

Aloha! We sure have been having a lot of fun going to some special events this month. Starting with the Lion On the Lake pageant (see posting below this one), we also made a commitment to the outdoor summer concert series in Waterford at the Waterford Old Town Hall. This took place on Thursday, August 16, and it really was the best fun! We started to lose daylight after 8 pm but event organizer Mike Hogg just threw on the utility lighting and we carried on. I think that was the loudest “Bop! Bop!” we have ever Bopped for the end of Let’s Twist Again!

Susan, Lydia and Lynn

On Sunday, Peter and Cat decided to road trip over to Aylmer, Ontario, to the Springwater Park and catch some of the music going on at Fred Eaglesmith’s Charity Picnic. At noon, Port Dover’s home-grown Bruce “House” Milner started the music entertainment line-up for the day, followed by our buddy, Manitoba Hal Brolund – “Canada’s Own Ukulele Bluesman!”

It was great hanging out with Hal, and we got to know his manager and friend Nicole, who lives in Ottawa, and another friend of his, a guitar bluesman called Mo Kauffey. Of course, Peter could not resist but to pick up Hal’s specially made double ukulele to show him some chords of a Hawaiian song he’s working on. When Hal was onstage he was joined by the musical stylings of Washboard Hank – yes, he plays a washboard….and a kitchen sink tuba!

Manitoba Hal and Washboard Hank

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