Aloha in September

Hawaiian Holiday

Our eventful summer has come to an end for the Dover Uke Heads ~ at least, as far as performing and appearances! We had a busy 6 weeks, and now we are breaking until the second Tuesday in September, the 11th. Tickets for the Ralph Shaw workshop and concert will be available for purchase at that meeting. They take place Friday, September 28th. The workshop at 6 pm is $15, the concert at 8:30 is $10, or you can get both for $25.

Things we did this summer: enjoyed our Summer Luau; busked at the Crepe House in Port Dover; performed as the “ukulele rhythm section” for Ian Bell’s outdoor production the Lion On the Lake; played Over the Rainbow for a bride at her alternative wedding; played in the Sunday night concert in Powell Park; and played at the Waterford Old Town Hall in their outdoor summer concert series as well. We also helped some local fundraising events, Relay For Life and the Port Ryerse Fish Fry, and played our first ever festival, the 2nd Annual Butterfly and Dragonfly Festival.

It goes without saying that we logged a lot of practice hours, we learned some new rhythms and strums, and we definitely made some special friends in the community. But more than that, we formed bonds as performers: supporting each other while laughing at our own little mistakes. Some of us come out to play ukulele because it’s all we got. You know, it’s that mini-vacation away from our troubles, and we come away feeling better. Others wanted to join a big group of people all playing the same instrument. Others love to sing, and the ukulele is the ideal accompaniment instrument. Some of us just wanted to be part of a fun activity and make new friends. I know I did!

So Mahalo as they say in the Hawaiian islands, the birth-place of our glorious ukulele, and


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