Our theme for the float this year was “Ukulele Christmas”. What a great idea, Pete!!

We had lots of help and lots of garland from various uke club members Saturday morning down at the harbour peir in Port Dover. Rick Eller showed up with his patented red Bah Humbug shirt and red and white striped hat; Ron and Pete put up the signs and other stuff; Sandy stapled the heck out of the hula skirts and various other things; Peter liked how my daughters were watching their mom do work; Peter’s friend Brian showed up all the way from St. Catharines; Dennis came out and helped too.  One of our original members, Michelle, who we haven’t seen for awhile, showed up to help decorate and stapled up some nice garland. Other people helped out too, like Bill, Lydia and Lisa who supplied all the red Christmas stockings, and the hats. Thanks, everyone!

Bill was dressed for the part. He was the Ghost….. of Christmas…. Past….

It was nice to see Kirk again. He came with Mike S and his girlfriend Courtney who is also a new member, and Lisa.

The songs we did were Here Comes Santa Claus, the Chipmunk Song, Mele Kalikimaka and Jingle Bell Rock. One of our friends, Kate, shimmied to the music walking behind us!

Cheryl’s hubby Bill was volun-told to drive my van for the float and their nine-yr-old granddaughter was giving out candy-canes during the parade.

All in all, it was definitely a team effort, but the icing on the cake was receiving Best Non-Commercial Float and $100 Dover dollars from the Port Dover Board of Trade!

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