Hawaii Vacationers Send Greetings to DUH

This great email was sent from Val and Stew Smith, currently vacationing on Oahu where their daughter Erin is fortuneate enough to live!

“Hi guys… Having a great time on Oahu. Here is Stewart on the lanai outside our ohana. Been taking my little blue uke everywhere and strumming away.

Look closely to see the head of the little blue uke in his hands

Last night were at Turtle Resort on the north shore ( gorgeous – google it) where our Erin plays a regular gig. We heard her friend Paula Fuga play her ukulele and sing. Beautiful voice. Just for the record she sang Hukilau, and we also drove by Hukilau Beach earlier in the day.
Check this link:

Keep on playing and having fun

Here is a Reformer write-up on Erin Smith, full-time, self-supporting musical artiest: http://www.simcoereformer.ca/2009/10/01/port-dover-singer-hot-stuff-in-hawaii.   More info on Paula Fuga: http://www.independent.com/news/2007/may/10/introducing-hawaiis-paula-fuga/ and I think it is absolutely AWESOME that Stew is wearing our club t-shirt while in Hawaii! So great of him to include it on his “must pack” list…!

Paula Fuga

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