Card of Thanks

DSCF4074Yesterday (Tuesday Dec 11th) Uke Head Gerrie brought me a couple of cards. One was a thank you note from Anne Smith, the President of the Simcoe Seniors Centre:

“Uke Group

On behalf of myself and the Simcoe Seniors Centre, I would like to thank you for your performance at our Christmas show on Dec 7th. Everyone really enjoyed it and it gave a great boost to start our show.

Thanks again, Anne Smith (President).”

Feedback I have gotten regarding our performance there last Friday night has been very good and positive. People told me it was “fun”, “fantastic”, “high energy”, and even this word, “inspirational”.  Which is all very uplifting for me and Peter because we worry over every song we play and continually hope for the best in situations where we are playing out.

That being said, we have developed a Complaints Department. It is Bill. Some of you may recognise him from various disguises – I mean, outfits. So from now on, if anyone wants to tell us that we’re playing the song “wrong”, too fast, too slow, not happy enough, not sad enough, not sounding exactly like the original singer or band, please feel free to take your complaint to the rear, and Bill will tell you what to do with it. OK? Great! Thanks!

Bill Complaints Dep

Simcoe Sen Cent

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