The James Hill Double-Bill Weekend

Recently, a group of our Uke Heads were fortunate enough to see James Hill, live, in concert,

One of our "youngster" members, Coleton, a Grade 8 student of Simcoe, Ontario.

One of our “youngster” members, Coleton, a Grade 8 student of Simcoe, Ontario.

TWICE in one weekend. This spectacular alligning of events took place on Friday, April 5th in Hamilton and Sunday, April 7th in London.

A good representation of DUH first descended upon  “the Hammer” (aka, the city of Hamilton) on Friday night for a full-out concert by reknowned Ukulele virtuoso performer and entertainer James Hill. He was accompanied by Cello-ist (and love interest) Anne Janelle Davison, for a sold out show at the Pearl Company Arts Centre.


On Sunday, the DUH car-pooled up to the “Forest City” of London for a screening of the Mighty Uke at the Palace Theatre on Dundas, paired with a live performance by James Hill and Anne Janelle, with a little bit of a strum-along at the end.

Tony Coleman, Director of the Mighty Uke

Tony Coleman, Director of the Mighty Uke

Director Tony Coleman had personally invited as many ukulele clubs as he could get in touch with, and had reached us via this website. The London group known as S.O.U.P. (Southern Ontario Ukulele Players) was in attendance as well as ukers from Stoney Creek, Hamilton, Dundas and the Niagara area. Tony was kind enough to point out to the audience that the DUH uke group was in attendance. He said we were “inconspicuous as usual”…..

We really enjoyed the Mighty Uke movie, James and Anne’s show, passed out t-shirts and got our ukes autographed!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

At one point during the evening James performed a 3-part syncopation of the song Billy Jean, which had our fearless leader worried that our group members might mutiny and decide to join Anne’s camp to become “Cello-heads”.

with Anne

You can tell by the big smile on her face how much she would just love that!

However, Peter tells me that he will head it off by convincing the group that a cello won’t fit on the t-shirts! (Well, duh!)

So! What did you do on your weekend?

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Anne told us she started playing the cello when she was 8 years old! Anne’s website:

James Hill is a graduate of the Langley Ukulele Ensemble and the Langley Community Music School, and a co-author of the popular Ukulele in the Classroom. His website:

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