And Now For Another DUH Moment…..

The past 2 weeks certainly have been a whirlwind of ukulele performer appearance opportunities, beginning with James Hill concerts in both Hamilton and London on the same weekend, followed by Manitoba Hal in Port Dover, who was also in Hamilton and London beforehand, and followed up by a live concert at Brock University by ukulele virtuoso Jake Shimabukuro in St. Catharines.

As you may have already noticed, some of our DUH members have been having a great time car-pooling here and there to all, most or some of these events mentioned above. One of our younger members, Coleton, had the good fortune to be able to meet James Hill in Hamilton on April 5th, and then Jake Shimabukuro in St. Catharines on April 18th, both of whom are his ukulele heroes. He managed to get both of their autographs on his uke, and I wonder if he is just going to shellack it and hang it on his wall from now on! Coleton also met Manitoba Hal the same week and was able to strut his stuff so to speak and played some of his own instrumental songs for him.

Getting his uke signed by Jake Shimabukuro on April 18th

Getting his uke signed by Jake Shimabukuro on April 18th

Coleton is somewhat of a unique member of our group. At such a tender age he is already an accomplished instrumental ukulele player, and is also a student of a specialized flute instrument called the Ocarina. He owns several of these instruments (in different keys) and can often be heard playing them at our ukulele nights before we start and at break time. During our Irish theme song night in honour of St. Patrick’s day he sent our leader a song called The Blarney Stone Ukulele and Ocarina. He also brought one with him to see James Hill in Hamilton on April the 5th, and played it for Anne Janelle (James’s cello-accompanist and love interest), who was so impressed by his musical talent that she asked for his name and email.

About a month ago, Coleton participated in the Norfolk Musical Arts Festival, which is actually a music competition with scholarship prizes, and was only awarded a certificate of participation by the panel due to the fact that there was no musical category for ukulele players. He performed his original composition called East Bound. You can view his performance on his Youtube channel called Coleton33Music at this link: He also has a number of vid’s showing him playing his ocarina with ukulele and guitar. Coleton often publishes info on our Facebook group page with links to Ocarina sites he belongs to and links to his own music scores.  I would like to be able to say that the Dover Uke Heads have taken him under our wings, but since we welcomed him with open arms we have more or less come to the conclusion that his talent in music will take him far. Someday we’ll be able to say, “I knew him when….”!

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