And now a word from our leader…

ukulele-tuningHere is the website link for the tablature lesson that Peter showed us last Tuesday night. He explained how tablature works in relation to the strings on the ukulele and we played a few notes. Peter also took us through the blues tabs for Kansas City, and has typed out the tablature for that.

Here is the website, Ukulele Tricks dot com, and the lesson is How to Read Ukulele Tabs.

If you are interested in finger-picking, Peter also recommends this lesson which is accompanied by a video.

Here is Peter’s tablature for Kansas City: Kansas City.

This is a great website full of information, pictures, video’s and charts. I was excited to see that there is also a lesson with pictures showing players how to play the “dreaded B-flat chord”, as we call it here in DUH:

Have fun, and as James Hill would say, “Uke On!”

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One thought on “And now a word from our leader…

  1. Great Page!! always lots of usable Information. It is in my planning stages to make a visit to Port Dover sometime in the near future. I lived there in the early 80’s. Although still really new to the Ukulele and terribly musically challenged, I have yet to give up hope. Looking forward to seeing Port Dover once again.

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