Our Night with Liz and Jim Beloff

OH, what a night!

We sure had a great turn out for our event, Strummin’ With Jumpin’ Jim Beloff. We had over 50 people in attendance. There were ukulele players from many areas and at least 4 other ukulele clubs. There were quite a few people representing the Ukulele Lady’s group, “HUG” – Happy Ukulele Gang, although Marnie Cunningham was not able to attend at the last minute. We also had at least 4 uke players from S.O.U.P. in London (Southern Ontario Ukulele Players), several players from Dundas and Ancaster, Elaine Ruplin who leads String-Along Ukuleles, and several ladies who claimed to be “Fun Strummers” from Hagersville! Les Posen also joined us from the Brantford Music Centre. We had quite a few people walk in and buy tickets at the door, and we had some who came in to watch the performance later in the evening and gave a donation at the door.

Jenny did a great job sewing a black back-drop that our club will be able to use repeatedly in the future, and her decorating idea to hang DUH shirts in the background looked adorable. She also painted signs and helped with organizing. Other thanks go to Peter, of course, for having the foresight to build bridges and develop relationships with many players in the ukulele community, and for, as Jim Beloff said, “teaching us well”!

Thanks to Gerrie and Ron for hosting Jim and Liz at their house: it was very generous and considerate of both of you. Thanks also to Mary for helping out with the hall, treasury, water, etc., to Bill for running the door and ticket table, and everyone else who lent a hand or made a helpful suggestion: we could not have a successful event like this without everyone’s help and input.

There were four door prizes: Baroque Ukulele music book, Jumpin’ Jim’s Holiday Time songbook, the Ukulele – A Visual History book, and “Rare Air” CD. The winners were: Ron Watson, S.O.U.P., London; Betty Galley, Dundas; Michelle Crandall, DUH; and Barb Stewardson, DUH. The evening was a great success and was enjoyed by everyone who attended. Many players commented on what a gracious instructor Jim Beloff was, and that he “made it fun”. Jim himself complimented the crowd by acknowledging their good playing skills. The performance by Jim joined by “Leapin’ Liz” was all too short! We could have listened to them most of the night, and once again Peter and Cat bestowed yellow DUH shirts on our guest players, making them Honourary Dover Uke Heads.

*Click on any of the bubbles below to activate a photo viewer with descriptions.*

We had a great experience with Jim and Liz Beloff, and all those who attended. We are really looking forward to interacting with other uke groups in the future.

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One thought on “Our Night with Liz and Jim Beloff

  1. Anna

    Does anything like this exist?
    I am looking for a Eukele club.

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