Port Dover Lighthouse Festival Theatre

Sunday December 8th was an exciting day for DUH. We played a couple of songs of the Theatre’s Christmas Concert, run primarily by the organizer of the Gentlemen of Harmony, Ray Danley.

It was a very nice concert for the first half, with nice, harmonious and sometimes gospel songs. Watching the show from the balcony, it wasn’t long before Cat declared to Peter, “We are going to rock this place today!” and we were right! Our songs were not the usual Christmas songs, we chose the Chipmunk Song (Please Christmas Don’t Be Late), and Mele Kalikimaka! Well, we got the biggest laugh from the audience, and some appreciative clapping, when we broke out the kazoos for the Chipmunk Song. They loved it!!! And Peter introduced Mele Kalikimaka as the song that is played in the movie Christmas Vacation in the scene where Chevy Chase is staring out the kitchen window, fantasizing over a summer pool…. Our enthusiasm and sense of fun for both songs really transferred over to the audience.

Everyone who showed up Sunday should be really proud of themselves for the job well done, and we had a good time doing it too. This was the first time we had to memorize the songs because we were unable to bring music stands and sheet music onto the stage with us, so that is another feather in our cap. Add great leadership by Peter to that and lots of lots of practice, and we will be sure to put on a good show every time!

Enjoy the slide show! Ian Bell had graciously offered to take the pictures for us, from the balcony.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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4 thoughts on “Port Dover Lighthouse Festival Theatre

  1. That is great, on to bigger and better things as they say.

    • Peter Shebib

      Thanks Bill, You’ll have to get a uke and join us some Tuesday evening. We have people who drive up from
      Hamilton in the group.

  2. Gerrie Randall

    Looks like ‘next year’ will be very busy ………. wish I could have been there.

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