DUH Plays Gig at Waterford Legion

Probus Club (7)

The Simcoe Probus Club was graced with our presence on Tuesday December the 10th, when we provided entertainment for their annual Christmas luncheon and party. One of our members, Uke Head Dick Pearson is a member of that organization, and through some fast-talking and distracting slight of hand, managed to convince them to hire us. We managed to run through our entire Christmas set list, including three extra songs: Old Cow Hand, Locomotion and Let’s Twist Again, Like We Did Last Christmas. Something different we did this year was to produce copies of a song sheet with just the words to our set list songs in order, called Sing Along With the Dover Uke Heads, and we handed these out to everyone so they could sing along with us as we performed the songs. It seemed to go over pretty well. There was only one gentleman who told me the type size was too small, but he turned his chair around so he could face the stage and sing along with us regardless.

After the finale song, Peter heard someone call out “Encore” – ha, ha, ha – so we gave them our version of Walkin’ My Baby Back Home.

We all enjoyed ourselves and had a very nice time with the Probus Club, but feedback the following day revealed that one or two of their members had teared up during Peter’s rendition of Blue Christmas. Therefore and once again, we have decided that we probably should never do that song out in public again. (This is the second time that’s happened!)

Enjoy the slide show!

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