First Ukulele Night of 2014 Huge Success

“Aloha Uke Heads!” That’s what most of my emails to the uke club start out with: it’s cheerful and full of love! After a short break away from playing ukulele on Tuesday nights at the Grace, we realized we had booked a performance for Wednesday January 8th for the Simcoe & District Horticultural Society. One of our original members from 2011 had booked us way back in September. But truthfully, we were so focused on playing out on December 8,10 and 11, and holding our annual Christmas party the week after, that we plum forgot. No worries though, our faithful DUH’s came through and we put together a new set list over the weekend and played it that night. For a peek at the line-up, please click on the Songs tab on this website.

A gardening we will go....!

A gardening we will go….!

About a week before we started up at the Grace with Ukulele Night again, I (Cat) got an email via our website Contact page, from a fella called Don Grunston. He wanted to attend with a few friends on January 14th. I replied back with, “The more the merrier,” and, “our doors are open to one and all,” etc. in my usual cavalier attitude. A couple of days beforehand we got a Friend request for our Facebook Group, “DUH – Dover Uke Heads”, from this same fellow, Don Grunston. If you look on Facebook, you will discover that he is the leader of the Hamilton Ukulele Conspiracy, so if you were wondering if there were any uke groups in Hamilton, now you have your answer. But! Don’t bother doing an internet search for the Hamilton Ukulele Conspiracy’s website – you won’t find one! (Get it?)


Don Grunston waves to the camera from the back of the room, near Sandy.

We had a really great visit with the fellas from Hamilton, who were Don Grunston, Paul Yedema, one of Peter’s uke buddies from Corktown, and Don’s uke group members Dan and Jeff Seffinga. Jeff Seffinga we recognized immediately from a previous visit in September when he came looking to buy tickets for the Jim and Liz Beloff event, and ended up staying for Ukulele Night. Gee, I wonder if Jeff had put some influence on Don Grunston to come down to Port Dover for the night?!

Our first night back was a fun success. We are starting to get our Events Schedule settled and we just have to decide on when we will hold some theme nights in April and May. For a full line-up of our upcoming performances and theme nights, please click on the Upcoming Events tab on this website.

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One thought on “First Ukulele Night of 2014 Huge Success

  1. Clemence Overall

    This looks like a lot of fun. I am just learning how to play the uke, am highly unmusical, but, nevertheless would like to join the fun! I would like to know more about the group. Thanks

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