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It all started with an email! I guess we made a fan out of Ralph Shaw, who toured Ontario in the fall of 2012 and attributed the idea and the contacts with other uke groups to me (Cat). That was how Jim D’Ville started out his message to me. He really wanted to come to Port Dover but he couldn’t find any place that would allow his cat. Well Jim, if you’re reading this, I want you to know that now that we know what your needs are, I am certain we can accommodate you any time you want to come and stay at Port Dover.

Anyhow, Jim spent a week in Southwestern Ontario and he hit all the sweet spots: S.O.U.P. in London, Corktown in Toronto and String Along in Dundas. On Monday June 23 he is booked for BUG – Bytown Ukes – in Ottawa. I’m sure they will enjoy his visit there every bit as much as we all did. His last Canadian showing is scheduled for July 5th in Montreal.

As soon as he was booked with S.O.U.P. and with String Along, both of the uke club co-ordinators contacted me to invite Dover Uke Heads to attend. This worked out great as it allowed people the option of attending either Monday night in London or Thursday night in Dundas. The pictures featured here are from Thursday night in Dundas with String Along, which is run by Norm and Elayne Ruplin, and it was held in the auditorium at St. Joselph’s Villa.

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Elayne and Norm were beyond thrilled to have Jim D’Ville. They had gotten to know him years ago when at the Portland Uke Festival. Jim has been described as a “high-energy roller coaster” on his website by James Hill, and he sure deliverd. He encourages you to listen to how each chord you play in a song contributes to the lyrics and overall feel or “emotion” conveyed. The “home chord” is where the song usually starts off and is where you feel the most comfortable during the song. The “sunshine” chord adds happy feelings, and then there is usually some sort of “tension chord” that is associated with negative feelings. He used lots and lots of songs to illustrate his point. On a personal note: I found him hysterically funny, and I couldn’t stop laughing!!

Jim's Website

Jim’s Website is a continuation of his teaching style. You can sign up for online lessons sponsored by Kala ukes, which are comprehensive 3-minute video’s.

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