Family Fun Night at Norfolk General Nursing Home

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Dover Uke Heads entertained residents at the Norfolk General Nursing Home on Thursday, October 23rd as part of their Family Fun Night. What a riot! The residents dressed up and sported costumes, wigs, illuminated glasses and big happy smiles!

On Family Fun Night at the nursing home, residents’s family members come in and bring special treats (such as beer). Both Sandy and Audrey solo’d, both Rick and Ian were on U-basses, and Peter lead the group with his special blend of song introduction jokes. Peter did a song with Evelyn who sang Waltz Across Texas. A number of the residents got up and danced. They were all, including their family members, a lively bunch. The lady who heads up the entertainment told us we were different from most groups: we were a lot of fun! Peter also made a reference to Mandy actually working at NGH as the head of food services, since we were having a party you would think she could have pulled some strings to get us a tray of green jello. The patients liked that! They also liked it when Peter told them if they could bust out some Tuesday night and come on up to Grace United church and join us.

A great time was had by all, uke players and residents alike, and Peter and the group are saying this was the best outing EVER!

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