Santa Claus Parade a Winner Every Year

Parade Route 1

Every year the Port Dover Board of Trade organizes the Port Dover Santa Claus Parade. Santa arrives down at the pier by tugboat, and rides in the parade in a sleigh on a float, usually drawn by horses. There is the famed Santa Moose, the United Drum and Bugle Corps, the Gentlemen of Harmony, Port Dover Scouting, Llamas!, Len’s Mill Store among others, and lots of parade walkers dressed as presents and elves. Oh, yeah and there’s us! The Dover Uke Heads. For four years in a row we have participated, singing such children’s fave’s as Jingle Bells, Here Comes Santa Claus and Rudolph. We always have a blast.

This year we have a whole lot of people to thank:

A big thank you to Ken Young for providing us with his float, and also the use of his truck to tow it.

Thanks to Mike Shebib for picking up the bench, transporting it out to Ken’s and installing it on the float, and then taking it off and returning it. Mike also drove Ken’s truck to tow us on the float during the parade. Job well done, Mike!

We also have to thank Gerrie Randall for meeting Peter and Bill down at the pier with the float at 10 a.m. and acting as the Decorating Director. She is trying to pass the torch on for next year, so please let us know if anyone reading this is willing to take a turn directing decorating next year. At any rate, thanks for all your help, Gerrie!

Thank you to the Port Dover Board of Trade for awarding us $100 Dover Dollars for Best Club in the parade! Yay!

Thanks also to Jan Overend for allowing us to use her bench on our float. It really helped a lot!

Thanks also to Ian Evans for providing chairs and cutting music blocks for us to pin songs to!

Thank you, Ron Abbey, for making “cheat sheet” stickers of the chord changes for players to put on their ukes or their pant legs.

And a big special thank you goes out to Lydia Harrison, who had the kindness of foresight to bring two big party cartons of Tim Horton’s coffee, complete with sugars, creamers, milks, cups and stir sticks. It was a bitter wind down there at a temperature of 1 degree C, and even though it was sunny, it was still cold! So a nice hot cup of coffee in our hands was much appreciated!

I really do have to thank everyone who brought their decorations for the float, and those who showed up to staple and climb up ladders. Also many people showed up to sit on the float from noon to 1 before the parade started, and this is a very important time because that is when the parade marshall puts us into the line-up and when the judges come by to judge us. The judges came by 3 separate times before awarding us a prize, and during all of that time we had to make sure our microphones and speakers were working and that everyone could hear the lead singers and Peter. We have to play our songs all during that time, too, even though we are not parading yet. And it was cold and windy, and my feet were not warm enough, and many of us had cold, stiff fingers while playing. This year we had 24 people on the float, plus Lisa and Mike in the truck.

Peter and I want to thank everyone who came out for the parade, those who helped and those who helped to make the float possible. We had a great time then and a little bit of a visit back at the Norfolk Tavern afterwards, and we are looking forward to doing to all again next year.

Enjoy the slide show.

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