4th Annual Potluck Christmas Party

Group Playing

We were all very festive last Tuesday night, as we gathered for yet another of our Potluck Christmas parties. Since Peter and Dennis started the group meets in January of 2011 we have been fortunate enough to have a potluck Christmas party every year. Everyone seems to bring enough food to feed an army: chilli, casseroles, home-made baked bread, crescents with bacon!!, sweet potatoes, salads, veggies, and an equally big table full of just desserts, including another ukulele cake and a home-made minced meat pie by Peter. There were also ukulele cookies, which I think Lisa brought, and lots of goodies like squares, cupcakes, cookies, and a strawberry fruit pie. Many thanks are due to all the good cooks, and to Jenny, Bill, Ian, Rick, Daniel, Gerrie and others who helped Peter get tables and chairs down from the stage, and grouping the them. Much appreciation to those who showed up early to help with this as it is no easy chore (I’m sorry I haven’t everyone’s name in there).

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We generally play Christmas songs after the meal and players have the chance to perform songs solo or in pairs, etc. Every one had a fun night as we played some of our Christmas set list songs, and a few new ones that Peter brought for us, such as It’s a Marshmallow World. Lisa and daughter Maggie sang 3 songs for us from the Frozen movie sound track, and it was really cute and entertaining. Maggie was dressed up as Anna as seen in the movie while her little brother Atticus was dressed like the Olaf character. (As you may have noticed by now, we totally LOVE dressing up on theme song nights!)

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Also, Cat goes around giving every one who attended a numbered ticket for door prizes! (Cat’s favorite thing! LOL) For the past 3 years we have used the money awarded to us from the Port Dover Board of Trade for participating in the Port Dover Santa Claus Parade held in November. This year the door prizes were $10 gift certificates for businesses and eateries in Port Dover: The Erie Beach Hotel, Knechtel’s, The Norfolk Tavern, Len’s Mill Store, and one for $20 from Dover Paint and Paper. Peter’s helpers for drawing the tickets were grandkids Maggie and Atticus.

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That’s a wrap for us for ukulele nights at the church. We have one more performance night at the Norfolk General Nursing Home on December 11th. After that we will start up again on Tuesday, January 13th in the new year.

Aloha and mahalo!


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One thought on “4th Annual Potluck Christmas Party

  1. Gerrie R

    Thanks Cat for laying it all out in pictures and written description of events – Gerrie

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