Summer Potlucks

Barb, Audrey and Charlie at Evelyn's Backyard

Barb, Audrey and Charlie at Evelyn’s Backyard

Dover Uke Heads took a summer break after playing our last commitment on July 14th: the gazebo gets hot in the heat wave of July and the Port Dover Summer Fest gets underway in early August. We are looking forward to re-convening in mid-September at the Grace UC on Chapman St.

Thanks to a few of our members, we were invited to some backyard potlucks and playing in the cool shade of back yards. It was so nice to enjoy the summer, nice gardens, cools breezes, good company and playing our ukes.

Our first summer potluck and play was held at the home of Evelyn Sackrider and included a home tour and cranberry punch with gingerale. Everyone cooked fabulous foods and tastey appetizers and we had a great visit in the shade on her back patio.

Our second outing was to play our ukes on the back deck at Gerrie Randall’s place in Port Dover. Everything was fine until those first few drops of rain were felt….and we relocated a few feet into the sunroom. We played mostly from Jim Beloff’s the Daily Ukulele.

Lastly, Rick and Teresa Eller hosted a backyard BBQ at their home on Highway 3 south of Simcoe. We enjoyed visiting with Rick, Teresa, Mandy and Ian, Lynn, Lydia, Evelyn, grandparents, kids, grandkids, two friendly dogs in a huge shady back yard.

Big thanks to everyone who offered to hold the summer get-togethers. I look forward to enjoying more next year, but for now I will just say, “see you in September.”

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One thought on “Summer Potlucks

  1. Bill Short

    Hi Cat,

    We have been going strong all summer with quite a few local events etc. we are still meeting weekly on Sunday and have a number of retirement home concerts coming up in the months ahead.

    This month we are playing The Mokus restaurant, a Hawaiian themed restaurant in Fonthill at 2 pm on September 27th . Should be fun.

    Regards, Bill

    “If it is worth doing, it is worth doing right!” Sent from my iPad Mini


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