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A Wonderful Evening with Ralph Shaw

DSC00021All the stars were aligned on April 5th at the Crooked Stovepipe. 

The workshop was designed for all levels of ukulele skills; therefore everyone could get something from it. Ralph is a great teacher.  We played through a number of tunes all with different strumming and picking.

The concert was full of continuous smiles, tapping and clapping and singing along. Ralph is more than a skillful musician. He is a masterful entertainer.

It was very nice to have guests from various uke groups, from Burlington, St. Thomas, Caledonia and London.


The evening would have not been so successful without help from: Judy Moore and Ian Bell, for allowing us to have it at such a wonderful venue  “The Crooked Stovepipe”. Barb and Gary for lodging Ralph and Kathryn. Bill, for building a vintage light box “foot light box” to illuminate the star of the evening. Mandy and Ian for copying and putting together the workshop packages. Jenny for being our photographer, and all those who brought those irresistible baked goods we had at the break. Lastly, for all those who attended, their fun and laughter contributed to such a memorable evening.

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D.U.H. play at The Waterford United Church

On March 18th we were invited to play a concert at Waterford United Church. Thanks to Audrey Latsch for putting together the set list and organizing the evening. We had a very good turnout of members and the audience pretty well filled the church. At first look I thought we would not be heard with  high ceilings and such a large place. That turned out to be untrue, and I was surprise how good the sound system was. Also a big thanks to  Ron Randall for being our photographer.Here are a few photos:

We were also treated to a surprise appearance of two sweet wahines Evelyn and Gerrie dancing the hula to pearly shells.IMG_5926Included in the evening was  one of Audrey’s comical stories:IMG_5940Peter Scovill and his partner played a number of folk songs, and Janet played a classical guitar arrangement of “The Frog Blues”  IMG_5939IMG_5925

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In the lilt of Irish laughter, You can hear the angels sing


Yes, surely the angels sang March 16th at the Grace United St. Patrick’s Day Supper. The Dover Uke Heads sang their Irish hearts out. Thanks to Mandy for a fine job  leading.

Here are a few photos of Irish Eyes smiling:



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Shaw_poster_blank2016 600dpi - Copy 2

On April 5th Ralph Shaw will be playing at The Crooked Stovepipe, You don’t want to miss this event, not only is he a great player, more than that, he is a exceptional entertainer. Also, it’s being held at a terrific venue,” The Crooked Stovepipe”  Cost  : Workshop at 6 p.m.$20,Concert at 7:30p.m.$15 or $30 for both. Here is some info on Ralph:

Introducing   RALPH SHAW !


        Ukulele Virtuoso

                         Songster of all eras

                                               Crowd Pleasing Entertainer


“Book him, you won’t regret it!”       

Doug Cox , Executive Producer, Vancouver Island Music Fest 2015


Ralph Shaw is a witty raconteur with an infectious joy of performing; a showman and a gifted songwriter. His fine voice, backed by superb skill on soprano, baritone and banjo ukuleles delivers a joyful energy with clever wordplay to engage and reward every type of listener. The act has elements of the 1920s-1940s era, covers of Bowie, Tom Jones, Elvis, The Clash and Rolling Stones as well as hilarious and tender originals covering village vicars, Nikola Tesla, a brothel handyman, an evil cat and much more! Think of him as both a world class entertainer AND a walking encyclopedia of music who puts on a phenomenal show embracing not only ukulele but a kaleidoscope of emotions and musical styles.


With five solo albums, four tuition DVDs and two books to his credit, his work has played a crucial role in creating the current ukulele boom.  In 2000 Ralph formed the oldest ukulele club on the continent: The Vancouver Ukulele Circle.


New for 2016 The Art of Ukulele – a performer’s handbook by Ralph Shaw



As a teenager in Yorkshire Ralph taught himself chromatic harmonica and studied 5-string banjo with folk musician Sara Grey. Relocating to Vancouver in 1990 he became a founding member of the children’s folk music group Birds of a Feather. About the same time, he created the character Ralph the Clown: an entertainer who carried—amongst other tricks of the trade—a ukulele inside a guitar case.


Fascinated by the untapped potential of the ukulele Ralph discovered its suitability for conveying a wide range of music for grownups!  For the past decade his act has included new takes on old songs and surprising originals. Ralph is ever the performer who understands that the music exists to serve the performance.


As well as traveling to headline stage shows he is a renowned teacher with classes on technique that are well prepared and always filled with enthusiastic new, and returning, students. His performance workshop has helped many students think about how to approach that most difficult of musical endeavors—performing in front of an audience with poise and confidence.





Live performances on Youtube:

(while Ralph usually performs solo he also collaborates with other musicians as seen in these videos.)

How to Build a Ukulele Case

Viva Las Vegas (a stunning ad-hoc festival performance!)

Doggy Language

A punk song!: The Clash, Hateful



Sample tracks on Soundcloud:

From the 2013 CD: Laughter

Everything is Free

A Nice Cup of Tea

From the 2013 CD: Love

Fair Kathryn (with violin solo by James Hill)


With a style inspired by the Vaudeville and Music Hall era Ralph charms his audiences with music and laughter. Here are some earlier tracks:

From the 2006 CD: By George!

Leaning on a Lampost (check out uke solo near the end!)

From the 2002 CD: Table for Two

I Just Wish I Was in Love

From the 1998 CD: King of the Ukulele

It’s Only a Paper Moon


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Shrove Tuesday At Grace United Church

What a great way to get away from the doldrums’ of winter. Attend a Shrove Tuesday pancake and sausage supper. Dover Uke Heads played at Grace United Church’s Shove Tuesday pancake supper on Feb. 9th. The atmosphere was jovial. Everyone was there from grandparents to new babies, all having a grand time. While all were eating the lovely supper, we serenaded them with some hits from the past. By the feedback they certainly enjoyed our music. A couple of folks said we added so much to fun atmosphere of the event. Congratulations to the group.  Thank’s to Ron for taking the pictures.


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Port Dover Christmas Parade 2015

Congratulations to all the community volunteers, who contributed to the success of the Port Dover Santa Clause Parade. Dover Uke Heads were fortunate to win “Best Non-Commercial Float” Thanks to Lisa and Gerrie our decorating committee directors, Ron for making up the music sheets, Ian for the chairs, Mike our driver, Ken Young for donating his truck, float and 1900 cutter sleigh, Lydia for the hot coffee, and all the members for all the Christmas decorations and your work decorating and most of all, your presence. Below are a few photos of the day.





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A Big Thanks To Cat Porritt

Cat Porritt and Cheryl Hansford have started a new ukulele group in Tillsonburg.   A big thanks to Cat for all the work she did for Dover Uke Heads. Congratulations, from D.U.H. on your new group. We are sure it will be successful. In the future it would be great to get both groups together for an evening of song. Thanks again for all you and Cheryl have contributed to D.U.H.

Cat developed and administered this web site. She has been very helpful in transferring it over to me. Thanks, Peter Shebib

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Summer Potlucks

Barb, Audrey and Charlie at Evelyn's Backyard

Barb, Audrey and Charlie at Evelyn’s Backyard

Dover Uke Heads took a summer break after playing our last commitment on July 14th: the gazebo gets hot in the heat wave of July and the Port Dover Summer Fest gets underway in early August. We are looking forward to re-convening in mid-September at the Grace UC on Chapman St.

Thanks to a few of our members, we were invited to some backyard potlucks and playing in the cool shade of back yards. It was so nice to enjoy the summer, nice gardens, cools breezes, good company and playing our ukes.

Our first summer potluck and play was held at the home of Evelyn Sackrider and included a home tour and cranberry punch with gingerale. Everyone cooked fabulous foods and tastey appetizers and we had a great visit in the shade on her back patio.

Our second outing was to play our ukes on the back deck at Gerrie Randall’s place in Port Dover. Everything was fine until those first few drops of rain were felt….and we relocated a few feet into the sunroom. We played mostly from Jim Beloff’s the Daily Ukulele.

Lastly, Rick and Teresa Eller hosted a backyard BBQ at their home on Highway 3 south of Simcoe. We enjoyed visiting with Rick, Teresa, Mandy and Ian, Lynn, Lydia, Evelyn, grandparents, kids, grandkids, two friendly dogs in a huge shady back yard.

Big thanks to everyone who offered to hold the summer get-togethers. I look forward to enjoying more next year, but for now I will just say, “see you in September.”

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Summer Luau’s, Had Us A Blast!

11705511_10152837641261890_6980187373649058199_oWe had two concerts booked for Hawaiian Luau’s in July, a 2 hour performance down in Turkey Point and a one-hour concert in Tillsonburg. Both were very enjoyable to play and our group also enjoys getting dressed up in Hawaiian garb.

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On July 4th we did a two-hour Hawaiian Luau performance to a packed audience at the Sandbar on the Beach in Turkey Point. As soon as we started our set a few more patrons hurried in to sit at the bar. We handed out plastic fruit shakers and threw as many leis on them as we could. A number of our members had worked for weeks ahead of time to perfect some solo’s. Daniel Pearson and Ron Abbey each performed a third of the song Hootchy Kootchy Henry with Jenny Gedye, Evelyn sang the Hawaiian Wedding Song with Ben’s accompaniment, and Cat did Lovely Hula Hands, a tune she heard for the first time while on her trip to Hawaii this winter. The solo act that stole the show was Let’s All Go To Hawaii by our leader Peter on uke and accompanied by Bill on his custom bull-horn – very well done! And we all practiced for weeks and weeks to get our songs just right as well as sprinkling a few new ones into our set list. Towards the end of our time there we were treated to a rousing rendition of contemporary song Riptide performed by one of our youngest members, Ben (grandson of Barb Stewardson). We really had a great time and enjoyed playing there, and we hope the owners will have us back again.

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On July 14th we car-pooled and trekked out to Hickory Hills in Tillsonburg. We all wore our yellow Duh shirts. Which was funny because we found out that the audience was celebrating a Luau night there, and they were expecting us to be decked out in Hawaiian garb, too. But, we are all so prepared that we luckily all had our Hawaiian set lists with us, and proceeded to put on our Luau performance. Afterwards they treated us to some great snacks and refreshing punch, coffee and tea. A very fun night, and we hope that the folks at Hickory Hills enjoyed the show and will have us come back again sometime.

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Mandy led some Irish tunes at the potluck Luau in Fisher's Glen

Mandy led some Irish tunes at the potluck Luau in Fisher’s Glen

This was originally posted on our Facebook Group page, DUH~Dover Uke Heads by Peter Shebib.

Wonderful Time at Fishers Glenn summer opening with D.U.H. ukes Luau. Audrey, Evelyn and Rick opened with an old time favorites set list, of which everyone said they really enjoyed. That was followed by eating a smorgasbord of foods fit for a king. That’s what’s good about potlucks, especially summer ones.

From there we played a number of tunes from our Hawaiian set list, followed by a duo from Rick and Audrey. Then we started playing impromptu tunes from various sheets we brought along. The audience liked it so much they joined in, especially our Irish Set list, led by Mandy. Mandy and Ian did a lovely rendition of “You Belong to Me” followed by a tune by myself and Bill, called” Let’s all go to Hawaii” which to my surprise was happily appreciated, followed by “Wagon Wheel” led by Rick, supported by everyone.

All the folks from Fisher’s Glenn and guests were decked out with their Lei’s, even the dog, Sunshine.

It’s so nice to play to such a jovial audience. We played in all for three hours until we ran out of tunes. Mandy you have to bring more sheets the next time. A big thanks to Betty and Mike Henderson for hosting a lovely get together I’m sure we will be back next year. Here are a number of pictures and videos, thanks to Betty.

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