1A-The Bandshell

Fall and Winter Sessions:

Dover Uke Heads will be at the Grace United Church, located at 18 Chapman Street, Port Dover, at 7-9 every second Tuesday night.

 Jan 9, 23
Feb 13, 27
March 13, 27
April 10, 24
May 8, 22
June 12, 26
Sept 11, 25
Oct 9, 23
Nov 13, 27
Dec 11

All ages and player levels are welcome.

Songs are presented via projector. The only time we are not here on a Tuesday night is when we are out at performances. Please view the Upcoming Events tab for these dates. We take two breaks per year as follows: from mid-June until mid-July we are out at the Band shell in Powell Park; from the Christmas party in early December until mid-to-late January we do performances in the community and take Christmas holidays.

Uke on!

Grace 2
Grace United Church, Chapman St., Port Dover.

CONTACT US by Emailing Peter Shebib at



  1. Do u currently have a beginner or late beginners group running for the summer?? I play some but would like a group to play with

    • Hello Nancy, Here are the dates up till Christmas Sept.11,and25th,Oct.9,and23,Nov.13,and27th,Dec.11. At 6 p.m. beginners and the regular group at 7 p.m. Thanks Peter

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